Friday, May 10, 2024

My friends on the 8th

There's happiness when seeing old friends. I suspect the cardinal and catbird know me from previous spring times.  Very trusting. The cardinals have an active nest. Won't intrude.

Catbird will nest here, but hard to locate their  nest.

Downstairs mixture

I've met Imps in the garden, but none as brazen as this kid. Pretty with flowers, but more interested in lens. Squirrel selfie?

A West End Avenue first- a wood thrush. It stuck around for one day.

The downy is checking out trees in back garden.

One of the first nests in a long time not incorporating covid masks. Incredible weaving.

Two new pigeon hatchlings.   Alas, I won't  be able to follow their progress,

Thursday, April 18, 2024

Nest building

 For the last four years the robins have been building their nests incorporating covid masks and  construction materials. Now there are few masks and less construction. Robins are back to natural material nests. The nests are completing in one day. Mud, twigs, leaves, grass, some twine.

Hard work. Affordable housing. 

Saturday, April 13, 2024

Window collision

I was standing near the lobby window when I heard a loud thump. Turned and saw a flicker fly to a branch not far from window. Sat on branch not moving, head pointed skyward, mouth slightly open, eyes closed. Concussed? Anything is possible, but it's beak was not fractured.  I decided to stand and watch.

Five minutes passed. No change really except for eyes opened a slit, but then closed again.

Slight slit opening of eyes.  Five more minutes passed.

I moved to other side of tree and saw eyes more open and mouth closed.
Finally head in more normal position.
But no self-respecting flicker would stay put with human so close,

Finally it began to be more aware.  Two more minutes and it flew off. Very scary crash.

In the main lawn area the gardeners have put down grass seeds. The West Side pigeons are feasting.

Friday, April 12, 2024

Visting towhee and friends

Pleasant surprise, the male towhee. Calling for female. I'm waiting too. She may be across the avenue.

Incredible menu item.  Lots of food under leaves, but this is astonishing.

I wonder if this dove knows me from last year's nesting time.
Nest preparation.

Sweet cooperative white throat sparrow.
Clicky starling. Sassy piece of work.