Thursday, October 22, 2020

The downy

I heard the click click of the female black throated blue warbler. She's been hanging around.

Every day there's a picture story. I turned around and saw the downy woodpecker a the feeder, moved closer, but not too close. She's skittish. Sharing is not part of the behavior pattern.

                                   When she has the whole side to herself she starts eating.

                                                                Oh oh, an intruder.

                                                       That got sorted out very fast.

                                      After eating enough she flew to a branch over my head.

                     The sparrows also grab sunflower seeds from the flowers themselves


Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Mocker morning

Foggy and damp in the garden. Hello, anyone home?  Oh, goody, under the sunflowers in a puddle, a mockingbird. Probably first year, not human-afraid. Searching for food. Stare it down.

Up on the sunflower stalk. Higher view for seeing worms?

Mocker flashing nothing in particular.

Ratty  looking robin over near the sunflowers. Immature robin.  Most of our robins have gone south.

The bump on a log.......   sapsucker making holes.

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

The nuthatch

I spotted the kinglet fairly low in the tree. It was quiet and damp in the garden. I was happy to see anything.
The kinglet then gave me the "get lost" signal and flew into the flower bush.

She was my guiding angel, because out of the corner of my eye I spotted movement at the base of the next tree. Slowly I turned to investigate.
Oh, my God! A red breasted nuthatch working the soil for food. These are tiny bids, about 4 1/2". I've seen them before, but never like this. The nuthatch couldn't have cared less that I was watching. This was food time, think Fresh Direct. Food in the soil, in the bark.

When she had enough she climbed up the tree and flew off.  Maybe she'll be back, but if not I've had my 7th Heaven moment for this migration.

Monday, October 19, 2020

Two warblers

My friend Ardith helped ID these warblers. They've shown up in the garden for two days, always after 3p.m.  The more cooperative has usually been on the ground, the female blackpoll.

Less cooperative and always very active in the trees, the female Cape May warbler.  This one was new for me.  Maybe they'll be back this afternoon. We've got the food. Bugs!