Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A little variety

First stop near the ratty cotoneaster, the Canada warbler
The catbird also loves these buds
Raccoon lives in big tree above cotoneaster shrub
Another path.. the wood thrush
at Tanners, the black throated green warbler
On the way home, the Kentucky warbler for about three seconds. No other birders around.
                                                             everyone loves bubbles.

Monday, May 23, 2016


Right at my feet. Papa sparrow couldn't have cared less. Papa is collecting food for kids. Has a mouth full of food. Right by his face strolled a beetle. Protein!
Spit out all collected food and grab that beetle.
Crunch that beetle to death. Beetle murder.
This is serious business, slice and dice that beetle.
When thoroughly dead pick up all previously spit out food bits.
Everything packed back in? Take home to the family.
You can't make a date to see something this funny.  Feeding a family is hard work. You do it even if a camera is watching. Strong trusting Papa sparrow. Poor beetle, but that's life.

The Nashvile and the 'coon

Fixated on the Nashville warbler, the only warbler in this space at this time
After bathing
Water is also for soaking food for family, yech!
Meanwhile, upstairs the raccoon has come out to preen.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Lots of beauty

Baby robin exploring water.... watches parent, then imitates activity
Lots of  black throated blue warblers, first the male
The female black throated blue. The lighting changes appearance.
Also the female black throated blue, at the cotoneaster shrub
Magnolia warbler
Hooray, the chestnut sided warbler
No feathers, visiting rat.