Friday, May 22, 2015

Looking through leaves

The male black and white warbler.  Bold colors
The gentle veery
      This was a total surprise, a "what's that" bird. Looks like a sparrow, but walks differently and is smaller. A more experienced birder identified this sweet bird, a Lincoln sparrow, first time for me. Pretty and sweet.                           
Then into the leaves came the male chestnut-sided warbler. Love this bird.  First time I ever saw this bird I thought it was the prettiest "sparrow" I had ever seen. That was nine years ago. Live and learn.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Quiet park day

Straight out the door, bath time.
This is a very young sparrow. Look at bill, yellow. It instinctively knows the cotoneaster buds taste good.
Redbelly woodpecker nest.
Oh, good grief!  The birds have found a hamburger. Add this to goofy food list.
Sheep Meadow hawk nest, Papa watching above, Mama on nest, very protective. Windy day.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

At the cotoneaster

I'll hang out at the cotoneaster shrubs and wait for the orioles. This came as a surprise. The cardinals also like the buds (seeds).
This is the loveliest anyone can see. This time the female was feeding the male.
Finally an oriole arrived, a young male.
And suddenly something caught my attention behind the oriole. Oh my God, the indigo bunting also likes cotoneaster seeds .
This was a wonderful red/brown/yellow/blue half hour.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Nice variety

This black-throated blue male is for my friend Eric. We heard the bird singing together. Not a clear shot, but that doesn't matter. The song was the best.
The common yellow throat, maybe a male-to-be or a very bright female, hard to tell.
The male redstart. I like the fly-out image the best.
The red eye vireo
The black-throated green with a magnolia in background.
The beautiful photogenic black-throated green