Thursday, June 30, 2011


Getting bigger. Eyes open. Busy parents doing food deliveries.

Shared mulberry drool. Waiting for fecal sac.

There's another nest on West End Avenue, higher up. Tolerated because this is a block away from lower nest. Sufficient territorial space.

In went another mulberry. Wait for end result.

Purple poop.

"Wasn't that neat?"

Routine- eat, poop, sleep, eat, poop, sleep, stretch, sleep, preen, sleep, eat, poop, sleep, etc.

Just leave mouth open and something will get popped in.

I did edit this take. It's just that every facial expression is so adorable.

Never noticed the "comments" tab before. For all of you have left comments, THANK YOU. It's a pleasure to share and learn.


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Downstairs trio

Hooray! Blog operational again. From 6a.m. till now uploading was impossible. Now we can get back to fun.

There's a well hidden cardinal's nest above the bench. Papa brings food to Mama. Mama feeds nestlings. Can't get a better view.
Around the corner sweet trio is growing.

Mulberries.... I think this provides nestlings with fluid.

Mulberries get shared resulting in suspended drool.

Nest getting cleaned. Parent is not smoking weed.

Protein- worms.

Waiting for fecal sac.

More mulberry.

Dunk it in

We've got lots of mulberries

Does this look like stuffed head??

Waiting for fecal sac again.

Oh, WOW! Eat mulberries and poop purple.

Parent eats fecal sac, reconstituted mulberry.

Next delivery, bugs.

I'm glad Blogspot is fixed because I feared these kids would have been ready for college before I could post another blog.


Wednesday problem

Dear All,
Trying to post pictures, but they don't post. I'm not the only one. Pictures, hopefully later on. Don't know how to make Blogspot hear this plea. Images not downloading on two different computers.
Beth :-(

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Back to the Littles

Right downstairs, very well built nest. Protection from below and above. Three babies. Eyes closed, some head fuzz, no feathers yet.

Robins are wonderful housekeepers. Feed baby. Wait for fecal sac. If not delivered, peck baby on rump and remind baby what to deliver.

Off to Central Park. Starling nest hole near Bow Bridge. Parent removing fecal matter from nest.

Blackberries! I've eaten some. Good!

Guess who else likes the berries.

I wore a green shirt and I think I must have been perceived as a tree, because twice birds sat right next to me.

Back to the delightful home front.

It's mostly park regulars in Central Park. The one surprise was the tufted titmouse family high in the trees near Bow Bridge, obvious youngsters calling for food. Couldn't get any clear shots.