Monday, June 20, 2011

Saturday fun

Mmmmmmm, peanut butter. I don't know how this got there, but the squirrels were in heaven.

The hawks are now primarily in the field slightly south of the playground, deja vu. It's a good space, lots of food available and good vantage point for overseeing the area. But there are squirrels who run around in this space. They have nests. Suicide Squirrels. They will become hawk chowder if they don't watch out.

Right idea, young hawk studying squirrel nest. Either the squirrel kids are way down in hole or they've fledged. It's a good place to investigate for a young hawk. Live and learn.

Food has arrived, a young robin, alas.

This is different, head still attached,

but not for long.

Hints of red breast that will never be.

Hawk dropped the intestines.

There is no sharing. Food gets consumed fast and in big chunks.

Having finished off robin hawk went to big tree to roost and preen. Orioles FURIOUS. Continuous attacks.

To the hawk this just seemed like so many annoying gnats. No big deal.

A perfect park day.

Next installment: self-caught lunch.


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