Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Never underestimate the attraction of mud puddles. Never saw this before. "Fishing" hermit thrushes.
Next post will have robins worming.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


It's rejuvenating seeing friends. Maybe it's mutual. Lots of flirting going on. Reflection in lens?  The male black-and-white warbler.
Uncooperative kinglet. But that's the way they are, non-stop flitting around.
Ah, finally, split second still, ruby-crown kinglet.
Brown thrasher in the leaves. Delicious grub under those leaves. The bird is patterned this way for a reason.
Yellow rump,- loads of them around.
Not as frequently seen, the prairie warbler also flitting around.
Fun time as warblers arrive.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Two babies!

5pm, feeding time. From yesterday to today the baby has doubled in size. Mama delivers milk.Baby sucks it in.
WHOA!!!  TWO babies!
Good job done. Mama now sitting on satiated kids.
If you think I'm loving this you're right.  Good crib nest. Leaves filling in at front of nest for good cover. Overhang so the nest won't get wet when it rains.  Busy parents. Slurping babies.

Downstairs, quick post

There could be something brewing in the bush, hard to tell. Papa is watching me.  By late afternoon there was no sight  of robins.
Meanwhile, different cardinal behavior. Food in beak. Obviously listening for female's call.  Flew into tree area. Couldn't find a nest or the female.
Now I can see the logic of the dove's nest construction. Twigs are for safety and there are leaves and branches blocking view. Smart doves. The parent uses her body to bring up food, much like a human heaving. Baby gets pecked to remind it it's time to wake up and eat.
Snuggle under after meal.