Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Full of smiles

Tonight I have a long shoot with editing which will go past midnight. Tomorrow is another shoot that will take all day, so I went to the park this morning to fill up on happiness.

It's getting late for hummingbirds. Before this year I had never seen a hummer later than Sept. 24th, so my expectations were not high. But seeing was going to make me very happy.

The first stop was at the jewelweeds at the Oven. I waited 40 minutes. No hummers. No birds, period. So I started roaming and met up with Blackie. I'll start carrying peanuts soon, but for now he gets his fill with acorns. He's a gutsy little character, not shy about approaching humans.

There were hundreds of robins. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a robin chase away a brown thrasher. Brown thrashers are one of my favorites. In the spring they sing. Operatic. In the autumn they're only looking for food. I decided to wait and watch and got rewarded when the thrasher returned to bathe in the Gill. There was a second thrasher around the path in the leaves. Very good bugs under leaves. Thrashers are elusive. Get too close and they fly off. I saw a third thrasher in Strawberry Field near the jewelweed patch there. No hummers at that patch.

It was cool and very windy in the Rambles, a slow warbler day. No warblers, seemingly no hummers, so I decided to head back here and go by way of the jewelweeds one more time. Hot dog! A hummer, a cooperative one. She perched on a twig and sipped from the nearby blossom. I knew it wouldn't get any better than that. The wind was strong, blossoms dancing all over the place. Acorns raining down. Branches also falling down. On the way out of the park I passed another huge jewelweed patch. It's too big to ever spot a hummer in that space, but today there was another hummer fairly close to the path, like a parting gift, hard to shoot because of the wind blowing everything, but good enough for a big smile.

I'll get back to the park on Thursday, but don't expect to see anymore hummers. The blossoms are dying off. No nectar, no hummers. But I have pictures and and my heart is filled with happiness.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Chowing down

Lots of food in the park... seeds, nuts, acorns, bugs...... delicious. A good post for Yom Kippur.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

More hummers

Yesterday was a challenge, because the wind was blowing. Blowing wind= waving blossoms. It's hard enough to catch the focus on a moving hummer. Add moving flowers and you add a whole extra challenge. A couple of times the smart hummer sat next to a blossom and had a sip while saving energy. Shooting from above makes catching that a lot easier unless the tiny treasure decides to sip from bottom blossoms. I wish the camera had x-ray capability, see- through- leaves ability.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Couldn't believe my eyes

Rain is coming, so I decided to head to the Oven again, the jewelweed area and hope to see a hummer. That's what I saw. One hummer. One picture. That boded well for the day. I decided to hang around. It seemed like a quiet warbler day. I'd only seen one. Suddenly my eyes spotted a hummer heading for a branch. I was so excited that my brain never noticed the hummer that was already there. Sorry. I can't edit this down to four pictures. It was too exciting. Two female hummers being friendly. I've only seen females in battle. They rested together for a while. Any hummer being still for longer than one second is a gift. My heart was pounding. I was talking to myself and the hummers,... thanking them, wishing them to stay a little longer, asking them not to fight, praying that the wind would not blow. I probably will never see this again. I couldn't get closer without falling off the cliff. I wished to have wings myself. This was heavenly.

There will be more hummer pictures in the next blog. I wanted to get these up fast.

Different viewpoint

Yesterday's fun was at the Oven looking down at a patch of jewelweed, a large patch. Lots of birds. Hummers at about 40 minute intervals, not all photographable because of distance, but enough close encounters to be very exciting, including one hummer who perched right below the rock I was standing on. I think the tongue comes out to snag miniscule bugs.