Sunday, September 13, 2009

Soothing Sunday

I saw hummingbirds, lots of hummingbirds, but not one possible photo op. And I know that each time I got distracted and watched a different bird the hummers probably arrived in droves, sat still, and made faces at me behind my back. The second I turned around they were gone.

Sometimes I'm not sure what I've seen. It's only after I get the images into the computer and study the birds on the monitor that the ID changes from "A something" to a specific. I knew I saw a warbler, but didn't know it was the female chestnut-sided warbler till it was on the monitor. This was a first for me. I knew the redstart female, saw lots of them, but never before resting on a branch and preening, so pretty. The other creatures were simply beautiful things to see, but I really wanted hummingbird pictures. No luck. Sulk. And time now is short. I'm on assignment most of this coming week and can't be searching for hummers. Sometimes work is a real conflict.
As for turtles, three's cozy. Four's a mob.

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