Saturday, September 26, 2009

Couldn't believe my eyes

Rain is coming, so I decided to head to the Oven again, the jewelweed area and hope to see a hummer. That's what I saw. One hummer. One picture. That boded well for the day. I decided to hang around. It seemed like a quiet warbler day. I'd only seen one. Suddenly my eyes spotted a hummer heading for a branch. I was so excited that my brain never noticed the hummer that was already there. Sorry. I can't edit this down to four pictures. It was too exciting. Two female hummers being friendly. I've only seen females in battle. They rested together for a while. Any hummer being still for longer than one second is a gift. My heart was pounding. I was talking to myself and the hummers,... thanking them, wishing them to stay a little longer, asking them not to fight, praying that the wind would not blow. I probably will never see this again. I couldn't get closer without falling off the cliff. I wished to have wings myself. This was heavenly.

There will be more hummer pictures in the next blog. I wanted to get these up fast.

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