Thursday, September 24, 2009

Odd lot day

Some days there just isn't much to see. Fortunately I met up with my pal, Sarah Elliott. She's a wonderful teacher. Off we went to see the hop tree. I expected to see a tree hopping, but that wasn't the case. This short tree/ shrub is common and is called the hop tree because the fruit of the tree used to be used in making beer. It's startling appearance now is not the shrub itself, but the hop tree bugs. The white stuff on all branches is hop tree bug eggs and the black spots are the hop tree bug army protecting the eggs. Nothing hopped. Then we went off to the Shakespeare Garden. The "ornament" is not an ornament. It's a monarch butterfly chrysalis. It should hang there all winter with luck. Finally on the way out of the park I saw a pine warbler. I wanted to see hummingbirds. Instead I got an education in bugs.

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