Monday, October 31, 2016

Garden hawk continued...

On the sidewalk.No marauding crows.
Time to sit in peace and pose for astonished audience.
What's that? Is it an eagle? Is it hurt? What's it doing here?
Just stand back, way back and be quiet.
Two hours. Still sitting and looking around.

At this point the workers came from WBF and rescued hawk. One worker approached slowly from front to distract hawk while gal approached slowly from rear and placed big soft towel over hawk. Hawk then gently picked up and placed in safe carrying box. Both rescuers wore heavy long leather gloves to avoid talon/beak damage.  Off to rehab.. hopefully check out, feed and then release. One gorgeous youngster. Possibly born in West 71st street fire escape nest this past June.

Drama in the garden

First sign of action- crow screaming. Territorial battle time. Follow the crows. Saw the hawk, but didn't get a picture at this point. Lots of screaming.
Time for the attack, three crows vs one young hawk.
Into the tree cover. Where's the hawk???
Smart hawk. Joined the humans. On path in garden. No fear of humans. Good place to rest. Safe. No more crows.
To be continued.........

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Still in the garden

Palm warbler is not going to get skinny in our back yard. Loads of gnats and other crawly things.
Up the tree because the chickadees are being territorial
                                              The source of food for those who can pluck it.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Total surprise

Oh my goodness!   A ruby crowned kinglet arrived at the sunflower. Serious business.
And it grabbed something, but not the seed.
And then the bit fell.
"Ah, shit!" said the kinglet.
Time to try for more.
                                          I didn't expect this.... maybe 20 seconds of kinglet.