Sunday, June 30, 2013

Another baby

The cardinals have been calling and acting like family for about 48 hours, but I could not find the nest or any children till late yesterday afternoon.  The adult were calling, "click click click". From the ground I was hearing, "Peep peep".  Time to explore.  Against the building wall behind the bushes there was a baby, an obvious new fledge.  Parents calling with food in beak. Baby sitting. Just look at that face!
Parents want baby off the ground.
Baby moved from wood chips onto sidewalk. It wants to be a doorman???  Bad spot. It could get walked on. It's a tiny thing, walnut size.
Thank goodness, back into the woodchip  off the path. Parents calling frantically trying to get it to fly up.
No response to potential food????  This is weird.
Now it wants food.
Wow! It flew "up",  a whole 2" up onto a leaf.
It only ate as much as it wanted, no gorging,  and then it fell asleep.
Both parents called from above, from tree branches, from building entrance,  from window ledges.
This baby chose leaf bed and stayed put, probably not ready for ascent. It will fly today.
It's possible there's a second baby. There was a lot of clicking going on. Will explore further today.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Preening pretty

I'll take a sleek mourning dove any day.
Noisy kid.  Imagine living with that!
Preening time. No privacy concerns.
A gentle observer

Friday, June 28, 2013

Shadow lunch

I love the play of dark and light. Hawk caught rat, dragged it around area. Lunch two-step.
Beautiful lunch.