Sunday, June 16, 2013

Split seconds

A tourist asked how to get pictures.  Have fast reflexes,  a fast focusing lens plus lots of curiosity and empathy.  I've seen head-pecked birds before, but this young pigeon was really pathetic. I think the eyes were unhealthy and this might be a head tumor or a raw scull from having been beaten up. What do adult pigeons do if they have a defective kid? Dump him?  I've seen robins do that. Peck him to death?  Pigeon bullying?  This pigeon is a goner.
Further along, new plants at the west 69th street entrance to the park.
Went looking for the red-headed woodpecker.  Found this instead. No woodpecker.
"Three little sparrows sitting on a fence trying to make a dollar out of 99 cents".  That's what went through my mind.  Two babies and father.  
Father and one baby flew off. Me and remaining baby.  Dumpling.  Look at those "toes".
Eventually it bobble-flew to the rest of the family.  Still in the "Feed me!" phase.  I did go looking for baby hawks, but couldn't find them.  They're hanging around the 5th Avenue buildings.  Fancy real estate.

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