Thursday, June 13, 2013

Hawk neighborhood, June 12th

All three hawk kids have fledged. About 2pm one was near 72nd street screaming for food, this second baby was below the nest also calling for food and the 3rd kid was high in a tree about one block further north being screamed at by bluejays.  Pale Male dropped food into the nest and called baby #2,  but baby didn't have the skill to fly up to to the nest.
We've all watched food deliver over the years, sometimes the kill is left on a tree branch, sometimes transferred in the air, sometimes dropped to the ground.  Yesterday afternoon's drop-off was a dove. Poor dove.  This is a natural thing in nature, eat to survive, but while I was there nobody came down to dine.
"Still life" in death
The previous afternoon's meal was a young robin.  Poor robin.  Gone uneaten.  I turned it over.
It probably already has internal maggots.
There has to be some humor amidst the dead bodies.  Dog rolling in mulch/manure heap.  Flies were wafting off this mound and the stench was incredible. Dog liked it just fine.
A cleaner source of pleasure.

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