Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Construction zone

Early morning. No nest. Not one twig. All of Monday's work for naught.   Doves checking out real estate..... 2nd floor apartments, light fixtures, and trees.
After 45 minutes of checking every landing they return to fuse box for a preening session. Maybe this precedes home construction.
Time for pick-up-sticks, Monday's nest blown out during storm.
The male calculates the exact angle that will get him and twig straight up to fuse box.
I'm being checked out, but I think they recognize me now.
Now here's a technique, making the "bed" around resident. Nest-to-fit?
I have no idea what the design plan is. They were stuffing twigs along building wall. It would seem me that the wall is the safest part of this location. No baby will slip down the back. They need some sort of barrier along the edges. More images to follow later on. This was non-stop work,... find twigs, and they had to be specific, bring same to nest, form around female's body. She did some rearranging.  Hawks do the same thing, only twigs become branches and space is much larger.

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