Monday, April 28, 2014

Downstairs, quick post

There could be something brewing in the bush, hard to tell. Papa is watching me.  By late afternoon there was no sight  of robins.
Meanwhile, different cardinal behavior. Food in beak. Obviously listening for female's call.  Flew into tree area. Couldn't find a nest or the female.
Now I can see the logic of the dove's nest construction. Twigs are for safety and there are leaves and branches blocking view. Smart doves. The parent uses her body to bring up food, much like a human heaving. Baby gets pecked to remind it it's time to wake up and eat.
Snuggle under after meal.

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pigeon said...

WOW Beth what a treat to see as you see these wonderful creatures. I love that you name them I never know who I am looking at. I will check this site now that I can. Your neighbor the pigeon fan