Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Dove update

During the storm last night all the twigs blew off the fuse box. No more nest.  Went downstairs early. No twigs, no doves.  Time to sulk.

Oh wait, there are the doves. They're checking window ledges on the building, ledges, light fixtures and balcony railings.  Does this mean they like this area?

Yes!  They're back on the fuse box, first grooming, beautiful to watch, then retrieving twigs, some from ground below nest where they had blown to, yesterday's twigs, other twigs from other parts of the garden.  New technique. Female sits in place. Male arrives with twigs, stands on her and places twigs around her shape. This is hysterical to watch, because he leaves, female gets up, rearranges twigs, some fall to the ground.  With a technique like this this could take all day.

I'm stopping for lunch and will go back downstairs in a bit to watch the dove antics.

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