Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fathers' Day

All through the park there were parental scenes, parents and kids. Who's eating what and how? Totally dependent.
And learning how a spoon works.

No! No joghurt in hair!

And our fatherless kids are learning to find their own food. This got a bit scarey, because one of the kids flew over the brick wall and over Riverside Drive, more traffic to be wary of. Wall is good area for rats.

Back to favorite roost tree. Good place from which to see everything in the neighborhood.

Oh great, first kid got a rat down in the leaves.

Rat anatomy is very different from bird anatomy. A rat is a hefty meal.

Food does not get chewed. It gets stuffed in and goes directly to crop. The idea is to eat fast. No sharing!

It's necessary to get tail in correct position to get it to go down-the-hatch.

Sibling arrives. What?? No food for me?????

Hunts the space for a tidbit. Nothing. Sibling ate the whole thing.

Time to hunt. Mother nowhere in sight. Up on playground fence. There's going to be a rat, because kids eat in playground, drop food, and rats show up for scraps.

In the playground now, but there's something moving on the other side of the fence. How does one fly straight up and over??

Doesn't. Hawk squiggles under fence like a cat.

There's something in that tall grass. Pounce with talon.

Oh wow, it caught its own rat. Menu- rat de jour.

Good to the very last drop.

This was a brilliant day. Both fatherless kids caught their own food. This is so important, because young hawks can die of starvation.


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