Monday, June 27, 2011


I'll be going back and forth for a few days, hawk images from this month not previous posted and images taken within 24 hours.

Wore a green tee shirt yesterday. Several birds must have perceived me as a tree, because they flew right to my face.
No smoking in the park! From now on I'll show faces of deliberate smokers.

Mama on lamp.

Hello, Mama. Goodbye, kid.

Going hunting in tree, but this is mocker's turf. Much screaming and attacking.

Not exactly the brightest place to be.

They'll be on the Riverside Drive Wall now, also not the best place due to human danger.

Kid finally figured out that fighting back at mocker was possible.

Screaming rage.

Oriole minding his own business.

Learned habit. " Shopper" in front of Fairway. Starling waits for break in foot traffic and flies in for food.


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