Monday, June 13, 2011

Food fight

One half-eaten hamster. NO sharing. Food fight time. I've seen this before, most spectacularly in 2009 when the runt baby tried throwing sibling out of the nest. It's posted in one of the May 2009 blog sets.

Into this mix arrived a squirrel. It was hard to figure out what was going on, squirrel chases hawks?, hawks chase squirrel? The whole group headed west in a frantic flurry.

Breather... after which Baby #2 returned to hamster. Squirrel also returned and hawk screamed, primal screams. Clear message. MY food! MY turf! These were blood-curdling screams. Squirrel vanished. (Probably an adult squirrel protecting a family.)

Protect delicious hamster meal.

Scream some more. Get that message across. MY FOOD!!!!!

There's a lot of good meat on a hamster.

Into this mix came Mama.

Special delivery, a starling.

Pigeon intestines are like spaghetti. Starling intestines are like stuffed kishka.

There's a surprising amount of flesh on a starling. This baby ate the whole bird. Well nourished kids.

To be continued.


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Anonymous said...

Incredible shots of the fight. Thanks much.