Saturday, June 18, 2011

A normal day

There's a sweet mix of activity down near the river. The young sparrows eat seed bits on their own in between begging for food from Mama.

Suicidal squirrels. They will be on hawk's menu. Wrong place, wrong time.

Into the mix add one screaming kestral.

Sometimes it takes a while to find a hawk. In bushes this time finishing off rat lunch.

CSI fodder. Remnants of pigeon meal.

Ranger Kerr dropped by to answer questions and let people view through his scope. He is one of the Rangers who brought catered food for the nestlings. He's also been watching young plovers out at Rockaway Beach. It was interesting hearing what he had to say, but what I liked best was that he stopped a bike racer from zooming in the hawk territory. Had I tried the biker would have given me the finger. He has the power to issue summons. I really like that.
On the way home met a curious robin. I still have lots of robin images to post, but those can wait.


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