Saturday, June 11, 2011

After dining

Right by our door, sparrow getting nesting material.

Down by the river, having finished pigeon Baby #2 goes for a stroll. Baby #1 has been resting on the path for a while. Actually, they both ate so much that I don't think they could fly up into a tree.

Time to check out the dandelions. Hawk nibbled at flower.

Ate the top off another dandelion.

Off into the grass to nibble on little pink weeds. Salad time.

Baby #2 lay down in the grass to rest. Baby #1 still on road.

Finally Baby #1 stirred and got into the grass.

Only to lie down in grass for a while.

There's a pattern. Eat, rest, preen. Then go look at flowers.

It's the life of Riley. Sort of. The above conclude observations from June 8th.

Next set of postings will be from Friday.


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