Thursday, June 2, 2011

This and that

It's in between time now, migration over, nesting and eating time. To get a berry down-the-hatch it has to be correctly positioned, can take several atttempts. This was one heavily populated berry tree. Robins and sparrows working lower branches.

Cedar waxwings upstairs, a cluster of them.

One very handsome young robin, adult size, but still juvenile.

Down the slope, egret fishing.

And then I saw fast movement. Didn't expect this, one female common yellow throat warbler, a straggler.

New York menu. Bread being fed upstairs-to-downstairs. Starlings will eat almost anything.

Bread got delivered to second kid across the way.

Nest gathering catbird.

It was hot and humid, sticky uncomfortable. Raccoon doing the smart thing. Nothing.


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