Sunday, June 26, 2011

A diversion

The hawks are fascinating, but sometimes one needs a diversion. The goal yesterday was to see what's going on in Central Park. Straight out the door there was fun. The robin was on the window ledge above waiting to get into our little fountain.
But the young starling jumped the line, got there first.

The first stop in the Park was Strawberry Fields to see if there was any jewelweed, hummers' favorite spot. No jewelweed. Across road at Wagner Cove, turtle by fence. Oh, I wish I had been there an hour earlier.

She was burying her eggs. An hour later when I met up with a Park Ranger, she told me the turtles are doing this all around the park even at the Great Lawn.

Baby blue jay calling for food.

Just like hawk fledgling this kid knows how to scramble around ground looking for bits to eat.

Downy woodpecker collecting food for nestlings. I have an idea where the nest is.

Hooray! One jewelweed. Only a million more needed.

This makes me feel very thankful.

Juvenile grackle. Noisy critter.

Adult grackle bringing food to dunk in water and soften. Smart birds.

Kid demands that food.

These tots won't get eaten by a hawk, at least not as nestlings. The nest is above the door to the ladies' bathroom.


Right in our own garden there's a new robin's nest. I saw the sitting mother on Friday and went to check on status of nest. The mother was pecking at something in the nest, maybe cleaning nest, maybe helping to crack eggshell. Could not tell. There are three new babies.

Papa bringing food.

This was a great day, nice variety, quiet, good exercise tramping around, relaxing. Instead of the highway traffic sound of Riverside Park there was only the sounds of laughter and calling baby birds.


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