Tuesday, June 14, 2011

More observations

This is where the Papa Hawk found the dead rat, the poisoned rat. The space is being cleaned up. CLEANED UP??????? Menu for the day: lobster. New York birds will eat anything.

I won't be surprised if one day some bird or squirrel decides to test the bubbly.

Meanwhile..... back to hawk menu. Hamster devoured. Starling devoured. Leaf...... discarded.

Starling remnant.

Time to hunt for more food.

Silly baby flew onto sidewalk at my feet. Well fed kid. Look at that crop!

Back into brush and what did it find? Another hamster. But hamster was set aside for another meal.

The park rangers are not setting out anymore catered delights. The babe's are now going to have to hone their hunting skills for live meals.

Mama is a fabulous hunter. Sit, watch, lots of patience.

Dive into the brush. This happened so fast that I didn't see it. She caught a rat and swallowed it down whole in two seconds.

Back to hunting. I hope she can maintain the stamina to continue supplying her kids with food. They're still not competent to find their own meals. She still has hard work ahead of her.


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