Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Then and now

May 6th, only nine days ago, Mama aware of everything.

The kids' world was up, only up, branches on nearby trees and the nest for dining.

Exploration- bark chips. Makes you think about children who eat paint chips.

Meanwhile, dinner is down below, Park Rangers' catering service. Rat will be delivered to nest by Mama.

I look like this in the morning.

That was then. This is now. Mama still on lamp post totally aware of everything.

Kids out and about hunting for food. They make all the right moves, but have not yet caught anything edible. They have no concept of danger. They've walked on the highway. This one is hunting prey on the grass stretch between the on-ramp and the south bound lane of the highway.

Spotted something. Protecting it.

There's the catch: a seed pod!

More prey, straw!

Hunt at the curb. There could be mice in the cracks. Thank God there's a wall, or this kid would be on the highway.

Speeding cars right on the other side of wall.

Oh, no! It is set to fly elsewhere. If it heads west it's a goner, won't have necessary elevation to clear traffic.

Heart in mouth! What is this dumb kid going to do ?????

Fortunately it flew east into a tree.

I needed to sit down for a while. That was nervewracking, but that's what it's like now, mostly anxiety producing. They're not branchers anymore. They have to learn to catch their own food.


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