Thursday, June 9, 2011


On the way to see the hawks, human little kids learning what to do on the ground.

Now the hawk kids have also become grounders. Time to explore their environment.

Seed pod food?

Everything is fair game even coffee cups.

Mama was on a branch eating pigeon, one baby exploring, second baby calling for food.

Mama deposited pigeon on grass. One baby claimed it. Note possessive body language. Other baby flew to several trees calling and observing.

Time to pluck and eat. There's a sequence. Protect food, pluck feathers, look around, eat a bit, look around, make sure all is safe, eat a bit more.

Meanwhile, other baby decided to take a stroll on upper path.

And since it was hot and humid the best thing to do was cool off in the grass.

More feathers plucked and more pigeon eaten.

Mmmmm, the good stuff, red meat.

Mama observed everything. Before I got to "Hawk Town" she strafed a couple of dogs. Dog owner didn't believe it was necessary to keep pets close and avoid getting near babies. Mama hawk gave her a message. Most humans were aware, protective and awe struck. Only one stupid jogger stomped by and gave me the finger when asked to jog to the right. I hope he got heat stroke!

Baby finished eating and came to path. That's when the fascinating behavior began.

Mama flew down.

Now it's the second baby's turn to eat.

Absolutely Mama orchestrated this change. You finished. Your turn! Terrific supervision.

That sorted out Mama returned to branch to oversee the situation.
Baby who had already eaten took to the path.

More to follow. Very hard edit, because so many images got captured. I'll have to work with a zoom lens now as the kids are all over the place.


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