Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Meal -on-the-branch

When I arrived at the hawk's territory the whole family was in trees south of the nest tree. Mama was on upper branch dining on squirrel. One kid was on branch directly below Mom absolutely aware of potential meal. Second kid was one tree further north.

Kid studying tree.

Mom calls to kid. Time to eat.

Getting from one branch to next floor up is not easy and learning to eat out of the nest on a branch is also obviously not easy. The routine can best be called "flobbling".

Mom did not fly to another branch until she saw that her child was secure and could dine. New lesson.

Now came the most amazing observation. Baby finished eating. There's still meat on the carcas, another good meal. This prize must be hidden.

Only after carcas is hidden does baby fly to another branch.

Nobody is going to see this carcas, not from above and not from below.

Dining on a branch has to be learned. This kid was a klutz, but obviously, hiding the carcas is intuitive. The sibling watched everything from the other tree not hungry.


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