Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Behavior patterns

I may be hawk-infatuated, but my eyes are noting all activity.
By the path on the way to see the hawk family, one young squirrel eating pop tarts.

There is a repeat pattern going on with the hawks. Mama is ever alert. She's bringing food (squirrel, small birds, pigeon) to the nest. She appears to also be dining in the nest. This is very different from former years when food was left on broad tree branches and the kids learned to eat outside the nest. Perhaps she senses that she can keep better watch over her kids by having them in one spot. The kids have also not yet explored on the ground, another difference.

Mama in nest.

Mama mantling.

After dining the kids usually rest, but then get active, much flexing before flying either to nearby tree, or in the case of the Alpha Baby, often on long jaunts.

Beta Baby still in nest, but not for long.

Flight is smooth. Landing can be clutsy.

The nearby trees become wonderful jungle-gyms, up and down and around and always observing the world.


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