Sunday, June 12, 2011


The cast of characters include stupid dog owners who break the rules and are asking for trouble,

human babies.....

And the big hawk babies who are exploring their world. Looks like play, but in reality they are learning hunting skills. Mama was up in a tree with a bird. Baby #2 was sitting on a branch. And this kid was "moving in for the kill".

The catch was a hunk of wood.

Next catch,- a larger hunk of wood.

Leaves are fair game. They move.

Into the underbrush.

Anting helps clean the feathers of parasites.

Back to hunting.... leaves and stuff.

It caught something. A seed pod.

And finally it "caught" an edible something.

The find was a hamster, one of the hampsters dropped off by the Park Rangers, wrapped in a leaf, hidden in the underbrush. Next posting will pick up with hawk and hampster.


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