Thursday, June 16, 2011

Who's on first?

Finding the family now is a matter of listening for the calls. This is not easy. What's that squeak.... swings in the playground, wheels on a tricycle, or the babies calling for Mom? I went listening in the morning and found one kid up a tree near the tunnel leading to upper level. The hillside holds endless fascination. Hawk can see things we can't see.
I knew it was going to happen, swoop down and examine the grass. No matter where I stood this kid wanted that few inches of grass blades. Very hard walking backwards on a bumpy hill. I'm carrying my health insurance card in case I fall over backwards.

And likewise, I knew this would happen, up to the curb to examine the curbside. Fortunately, Billy came along and urged the hawk away from the road. At least it was at the rarely used off-ramp.

It flew to a low tree, second kid flew in to same branch, and then they split ways, one to center median, the other to the big field south of the playground. I stayed with kid exploring median. Billy watched kid in field. They have an awful way of getting into potential trouble.

Honing hunting skills. I hope one day this kid finds a mouse in this area. Finds twigs and seed pods just fine.

Again, no matter where I stood it seemed to want that spot. You know how little kids run at you for a hug? Same thing. Only thing to do is back up.

Well, how nice..... sunny day, good time for anting. (The ants remove parasites from birds' wings.)

Up and about and over to other side of on ramp.

Meanwhile, sibling has found fine perch in pine tree, same tree that held mockingbird nest two summers ago.

This kid is watching suicidal squirrels who are running rings around nearby tree. There was also a child nearby playing with remote control cars. Hawk made pass at cars several times.

Oh no! It's the mockers again. There's going to be no peace for the hawks.

Kid flew to center median. Ran over. Where's kid? Wait.... there's Mom, beautiful Mom.

Before anting and then flying slightly north she had placed a dead starling in the nearby tree. That will be the subject of next blog entry.


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