Saturday, June 28, 2008

Nest observations, June 28, 2008 a.m.

From now on this will be referred to as Nest #3. There are four new hatchlings all thriving and being attended to by both parents who deliver worms, bugs and berries on a regular basis. The pattern of feeding, keeping nest clean and leaving nest to hunt is predictable. The babies are all mouth even when parent is cleaning out bottom of nest. The adults will eat the fecal sacs delivered by the young. The 4th born seems to be runty, to be expected, but all kids are getting their fair share of food. For the first time I saw one of the juveniles from Nest #2 approach the nest area. The adult chased it away, but it went safely into a crab apple tree and watched what was going on. The baby heads poke out from the side of the mother. This will look funnier in a few days. The activity is not easy to photograph, because direct light does not hit this nest. Everyone who passes by and sees this scene smiles, urban heaven, our own Garden of Eden.

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