Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sad report

"Finding Waldo", where oh where is this tiny treasure who sips nectar and catches tiny insects?
Easy subject at the feeder.
However, not every bird is safe. Sadly, the Riverside Park mother hawk has died, most likely cause poison rat for dinner. She was part of our lives and gave us joy,- her dedication, her willingness to let us watch, a glorious bird. The poison problem is a difficult one. The Parks Department might find a safe way to control the rat population, but the hawks hunt outside of the park and the neighborhood buildings and businesses also use poison, bad poison. The rats aren't dying. The hawks are. This is redtail #4 to die in the last month. It's possible that there is a different cause. That's why testing is imperative. What's killing our admirable friends? How can this be avoided?

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