Sunday, March 3, 2013

An adventure

Detour to Randall's Island, four of us guided by a GPS.  Never heard one of those before. "Turn left".   "Turn right". "You have reached your destination".  But what's here??  Stark landscape. (Of course, it's only March.)  Train trestle. Empty fields, water left and right.  Sports stadium, tennis building, NY Post plant, psychiatric hospital, parking fields.  I had the big camera as well as the newer point-and-shoot.  There was a sports event at the stadium, lots of parked cars with license plates from Virginia up to Massachusetts.  We did find water fowl at the Salt Water flats,  but nothing extraordinary and not particularly scenic,  It must have been an off day.
 My kind of subject. "Cadaver" dump.
Graveyard for dead Christmas trees.
I'm not sure what this pipe is used for, maybe smoking pot?
Gorgeous nude tree
When there's nothing to see check what everyone else is seeing. Modern birding.
Back to Central Park. Real birds in beautiful setting.
I'm sure there are fascinating things to see at Randall's Island, just not yesterday.

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