Thursday, March 6, 2014

Warm yet?

As long as it stays cold I'll keep digging into the files. I'm glad the redbelly woodpecker enjoys crisp air.
Squirrel flirt

Somebody dropped a pear
I can't believe I ate the whole thing.
"Political stand":   There are some pseudo birders in the park, fairly new to the activity who have the most atrocious manners. Birding should be a joy, the wonder of it all. It is impolite to step in front of someone who's obviously trying to see a bird.  It's rude and obnoxious.  The birds are there for all to enjoy and learn from.  Having a camera does not give anyone the right to shove someone aside.   There are also a couple of camera users employing excessive flash.  If asked to desist there's a reason for it. I'll take the stand that flash is not necessary. I've seen birds flinch.  The flash can also cause over-exposure of other people's pictures.  The use of a strobe is fine if you're in a private controlled environment,  but it is disturbing in a public space. With today's digital cameras it's possible to increase the ISO to make shooting in low light possible.  The higher ISO also helps to freeze action.  And anyone using flash when the subject is more than 15 yards away ought to read the camera/flash manual.
Above all nature lovers must do no harm, NEVER move too close. It is not a God given right to do whatever you want to do.  If an experienced birder suggests moving back there's a reason for it.  Too close is not good.  Nature first. The birds are our guests.  Observers second with proper etiquette!

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