Friday, September 26, 2014

A little variety

Lots of time playing peek-a-boo, who are you, tiny birds behind leaves, only tails showing. Stand and wait. Magnolia warbler. I decided to get into the bushes and wait. Success, portrait session for two seconds.
I've been hearing the Carolina wren. This time there was visibility for two seconds.
Another puzzle bird. Who's nipping at leaf? I had an idea, but needed a glimpse of throat to be sure. A half second glimpse, the female common yellow throat.
Later on the male appeared in a different space, like seeing an old friend.
Brown thrashed having a drink at Azalea Pond.
Black-and-white warbler for one second.
Fun hummer, pollen bill.
And then there's this intrusion. This should not be in a nature area. Central Park Conservancy stupidity. They haven't even posted what the poison is.  Seen in the Rambles near the Gill.

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