Friday, October 10, 2014

The littles

Favorite spot for seeing warblers at this time of year, but now most of it is infuriatingly fenced off. One lone palm warbler working the path area.
This is for my pal Judy. Titmice in various spots. They're here!
It was the kinglets I wanted to find. After hummers I think they're the  hardest tiny bird to photograph. There was a flock of goldens working one buggy tree. Kinglet ballet.
But before getting to the kinglets, in a different space, I heard bluejays screaming. There had to be a hawk being pestered. One slim look till the hawk flew off. Jays followed screaming all the way.
Finally it was possible to see what was up there, a cooper's hawk with lunch. Eventually the jays flew off. They should know better than to face off  against a cooper's.
Back to the kinglets.
I saw loads of small birds yesterday. Still editing. It was a grand day.

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