Monday, March 30, 2015

Garden surprise

Sunday afternoon. Time to go to work. All photo gear packed in case in organized fashion. Stop to look out lobby window before heading out. YOW!!!!  Something moving near garbage, poking in ground. Now of all times when I have to get to work, a beloved WOODCOCK.  That's it. Forget work. Get into photo case, strew equipment all over floor to get to proper gear. Don't fly away, please don't fly away. Luck was on my side. Woodcock in a safe spot, hidden from possible prey. I wouldn't go out into yard to spook it. Window viewing was fine. The doves and sparrows were also finding food in same spot.  This was great for the woodcock. Safe cover. Grub in the ground. Total conflict: stay and watch woodcock or get to work.  I had to leave and hoped woodcock would still be there when I got back from work.  It wasn't, alas.  But I know it had a nice rest in our garden.

I see woodcocks in our garden about once every six years. Happiness is a woodcock.

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