Friday, April 3, 2015


The Security Guards here know I'm the go-to bird person, so when something was spotted the guard knew it was different, took  a picture and came to show me. Oh my God, a woodcock. Alive? Concussed?  Being a photographer I had to take some pictures.  Not too close.  Woodcock wasn't moving. No sign of blood. As I watched I saw a slight tremble. Good. Alive, but in a terrible spot. A dog being walked could attack. What to do????  Run to find a box and hope it stays put till I get back. Boxes in the basement. Leave camera. Get box to spot. Also plastic gloves.  Now there are three neighbors gawking. "What's that?"  Have to give woodcock lesson and how they fly into buildings and get hurt. See, bad eye, that's serious. I approach from behind and woodcock flutters a few feet south. Good. It's alive. Can't leave it here. Gently get bird into soft padded box.  It doesn't like that idea and aims poop at me. I've expected that and aim rear end away from me.  Woodcock safely in box. Neighbor offers to drive us to Wild Bird Fund up on Columbus Avenue. Woodcock is moving around in box which is a good sign.
WBF is wonderful.  The eye is damaged due to concussion. Head impact forces eye orbit so hard that retina can be detached. Other eye doesn't have white film, but doesn't look good. Antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and pain medication applied. Before that bird's bill is dipped in water so it can drink.  Not interested in drinking, but bird now calm due to pain  medication. Bird weighs 200 gr. which is perfect weight for a healthy woodcock. Too bad it flew into the new building.  Prognosis not good. It could end up totally blind due to this impact damage.
This is such a beautiful bird, undone by human construction. If only the new building had bird proof glass. Imagine holding something as wonderful as this while it's being treated knowing that most likely it may not survive. At the Wild Bird Fund the birds are given a name. You can't name a woodcock "Woody"or, God forbid, "Cock".  This sweet creature has been named Beth.

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