Monday, June 5, 2017

Garden babies

May 24th, nest #1, so well hidden that I never would have seen it had I not seen the parent fly to the nest. Babies are already at least six days old.  The nest is protected from above, color match with tree perfect, lots of available food- worms and bugs.
Papa robin knows I'm watching
Robins are amazing housekeepers. Here comes the fecal sac. It projected out of nest.
Mama lunged to catch it. The nest can't be soiled and there must be no evidence on the ground that babies live here.
Mama catches fecal sac and flies it away from nest. Sometimes the fecal sac is eaten by parent. It has nutritional value.
Both parents hunting for worms for voracious babies.
Meanwhile, at my feet a very young starling. It wants food too.
FOOD!!!!! NOW!!!! Baby starlings roar.
It's a good thing the nest is hidden because crows will attack baby birds.
To be continued. We have a large robin community in our garden.

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