Friday, July 28, 2017

New broods

There appear to be at least four robin broods in the garden, at least 12 babies. Lots of food... berries, bugs, worms. I watched one particular baby, a great sprinter, but low-level flyer. I had to keep reminding this baby that I was not the mommy. It looks as if I was very close, but my lens is the equivalent of 720mm, no need to be close.
I brought down organic blueberries knowing the robins love them.
For some reason this baby wasn't interested in food.
Parent found bread. They'll feed the babies anything. The demand is great.
For some reason this baby wasn't interested in food. Very strange.
I watched for a while and then noticed a blow fly on its wing. I've only seen blow flies on dead birds. This was a bad omen.
Papa approached baby with bread and then pecked it strongly on rear end. It was very fast. This was not a gentle peck or a reminder to deliver a fecal sac.
Still no interest in the food.
More pecking with verbal yell from baby.
Peck, peck, then adult ran off., Baby never ate.
There is more to this saga.   To be continued.

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