Monday, November 17, 2008

Bluejay "goiter"

Having watched the grackle and the acorn I wasn't too surprised to see bluejays hunting acorns, but my reaction was still, "How are they going to swallow that hunk?"

The jays were so busy hunting that they didn't even mind my being in their space. It was a hunting extravaganza. So I watched and chuckled thinking all the while that a bird would choke.

Wrong!!!!!!! They were hunting as fast as they could, acorn competition, and not swallowing the acorns. They were stashing them in a throat pouch, one acorn in the bill, next acorn in the pouch, bluejay "goiter", absolutely astonishing. When they had their load off they flew to stash same in their hidey-hole. Then back they came to hunt again. Flying chipmunks?
I know this is a lot of pictures, but I may never see this again. Ever.

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