Sunday, February 15, 2009

Low down

It will take a few days to edit everything from today, but in essence it was a day for low-down hawks, absolutely thrilling.

I can expect to see my favorite little friends, the usual food seekers. There's one spot where I expect to see cardinals and blue jays. Today nothing. Not one small friend at this spot. Not one sound. That means only one thing. I looked around and there sat the reason. At human eye level. One immature redtail hawk. Beautiful. It was watching left and right and straight at me before heading back across the lake into the bushes.

I decided to walk north and found a path I'd never taken before. I think it's right through Squirrel Town. I never saw so many squirrels in one small space. In the next field a lady was sitting on a camp chair feeding nuts to the squirrels out of her shopping cart, so many nuts that the squirrels were burying them. All I could think was that surely the hawks must know about this. They do! And I've got about 150 pictures to edit. The young hawks are not good at capturing the squirrels, but they know the potential food is there.

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