Sunday, February 1, 2009

One less squirrel in the park

This will be a short blog, because it will take hours to edit today's take. It was an exceptional day.

One of the immature red tail hawks captured a squirrel and dined while standing on the lake (the lake is frozen). This entails looking left, right, up and around to make sure all is safe before taking a bite. After shooting about 200 images I decided to stroll further. During that stroll the other immature red tail swooped down and stole the squirrel from the first hawk. Now dining was taking place at the shore only a few feet from the first dining spot. This hawk also checked territory, spread wings to protect the kill, dined. There's a lot of meat in a squirrel. Eventually it flew off with the kill to a more isolated spot. There will be more pictures in blogs to come.

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