Monday, February 8, 2010

Slow motion posing

It was a quiet bird day, but a good day for hiking and checking the holes in trees. If I were a squirrel on a freezing day with hawks in the vicinity I'd be eating half-in and half-out too.

The ultimate hole just happened to be off a path that was conveniently at hole-level in the tree, big hole out of which came a photo-worthy raccoon. At first fluff-ball looked around and returned to the hole. The tree is hollowed out, a second hole further down allowing visibility to the outside world, also good ventilation. When Coon returned to den I walked on. An hour later I checked again. Coon was out ready to pose.

People walked by on this path and never even noticed the raccoon. Its colors perfectly match the park colors of winter.

Still haven't seen the coyote, but it has been seen by the Park Staff. Three coyotes have been seen on the Columbia University Morningside Heights campus. Hmmm..... something is going on.

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