Monday, February 27, 2012

Early spring

Strolling, wondering,...... spring colors, but what happens when spring really arrives?
"Conversation" time, chattery titmouse.
Duck soup, shovellers mucking it up.
While strolling this youngster flew right over my head.
Nibbling at squirrel nest bits.
Into another space the coopers hawk arrived silently.
And that brings me to the kind of news I don't like to report. Lima, Pale Male's mate, has died. Cause unknown at the moment. Body taken for necropsy. See Lincoln's site- Possible cause- poison rat, but one must not jump to conclusions. Anything might be the cause. And if the cause turns out to be rat poison it could be a rat poisoned outside of the park. Finding the cause is important. Jumping to a conclusion is not helpful.

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