Wednesday, July 9, 2014


I heard sparrow talk while on the path near bushes, stopped to wait, hoping to see Runt. Runt was there,  ran for camera. I'm not sure if this is one family or Runt-as-add-on. The size and development of the other fledglings is very different. The more mature babies are larger and able to peck a bit, but still rely on parent for food. When I got back with camera I didn't see Runt, but decided to watch and wait.  Babies are curious. Will even peck at non-food discoveries.
Here comes the chow, bugs.
Finally Runt made an appearance, very good at hopping around and running, not yet proficient at flying.
Can get about 7" of elevation
The family,  mama in middle, stronger baby in front, Runt to left.
Runt in middle, not being fed this time around.
On the path. Runt is much smaller than siblings, perhaps not siblings from his nest.
More will follow.

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