Monday, July 7, 2014

The oh-oh baby

Baby sparrows get into trouble. This kid was right out of the nest on the side walk hopping along the low fence. It took a couple of seconds for my eyes to see that its right foot was tangled in something. That didn't stop its marathon hopping, but it wasn't flying. It had to have flown to get out of the nest in one piece, but it wasn't flying now and any move into the bushes resulted in a face-flop. No sign of its parents though there are lots of adult sparrows in this space.
At this point I headed to the park figuring whatever would be would be.
Three hours later baby still on sidewalk. At this point I decided to do something to get the tangle off its right foot. I had to wait till it had its back to me.
Right after this it turned its back to me and I could pick it up.  It didn't like that and nipped at my hand, but that tangle had to be removed. It wasn't hard, but took several twists to unravel the mess.  Gently placed baby back in bushes on ground.  It hopped around, stared at me and within a few seconds had gotten deeper into the bushes. I could hear adult sparrows, so I'm assuming it's fine and being taken care of. This baby really needed another 24 hours in the nest.

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