Friday, April 14, 2017

Big fun

Progress on that sparrow's nest. I'm not sure  it will withstand a strong wind, but it is an astonishing construction.
The small birds are arriving. The perpetual motion golden kinglet.
The best is down in Chelsea. A cattle egret has flown in, rare in NYC, but anything is possible in this city. No idea where it came from or how long it will stay. I wasn't sure what I'd see, so took a zoom lens, not too powerful. Egret is in the garden of building, fence on all sides. The bird is dining on bugs and worms and seems unconcerned about traffic, noise, people, cameras, pets, gardening. Thankfully people are being respectful.
Closer images shot through dense fence and bushes.
                                                                    Caught a bug.
To be continued.

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