Sunday, June 23, 2019

New dove baby, Post 1

In the garden under the mulberry tree watching birds picking when I heard "coo coo" behind my head. Dove talk. I turned in time to see an adult dove fly off. This was worth checking. Looked in tree. Oh my God, another baby. Definitely out of nest maybe one day, - fuzzy head, breast, secure enough to stay in one spot, not moving around on branches. A new baby fledgling. I decided to stay and watch.  Only one spot for viewing due to leaf cover and lighting.
Father in attendance. Watching for any danger. I think this Papa knows me.
Time for baby to stretch a bit. They sleep, stretch, preen, eat, sleep. That's the day's activity.
Baby knows parent is nearby, but no excited calling or wing flapping.
To be continued in four posts. Lots of pictures.

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