Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Relaxing day

It's such a pleasure to wander in the park and come upon a "friend". The first time I became aware of the brown thrasher the bird was up in a tree singing. It was a misty day, all quiet in the park. I had never before heard such vocalizing. Operatic. I didn't even know what was singing. A more experienced birder identified this vocal marvel. Since then I've always adored seeing the thrasher. I don't think they sing in the autumn, but I've heard them in springtime. Pure, gorgeous singing. This thrasher dropped by Tanner's Spring for a drink, my smile for the early morning.
Later on I met the wild turkey. At least this lady is easy to photograph, stands still, looks at the camera. Take two pictures and you have two pictures.
The hummingbirds are a different challenge. Try 100 pictures and get three, but I'll never see too many hummingbirds. I don't know when they'll leave town. Certainly there were fewer in the park today. As long as they're here I'll go for my "happiness fix".

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